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Did you know that not everyone thinks the way you do?
When you get your feelings hurt, it is most likely that the person who hurt them has no idea.
When you are arguing with your husband - guess what? He is probably a different enneagram number. That is why you keep having the same conversation.
And..even more, do your kids keep doing the same things that drive you crazy? Knowing their enneagram type will help in those parenting areas. 
Want to find out your type?
Take the enneagram quiz (personality test). (It only takes about 5-10mn. The link below will bring you to a partner website. Enter your e-mail. Get the 3 possible numbers. Come back here to discover more about the types by purchasing our packets in the SHOP. )
These packets are life-changing. They will show you why certain things motivate you over others, will demonstrate how certain triggers change your behavior and provide phenomenal self-help tips to become the best version of yourself. 
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