Our Story

Two sisters, passionate about helping people discover themselves to better their relationships, decided to start something new. 

Enneasisters is a life coaching place - specializing in relationship & career coaching. 

 We are passionate about people and desire to walk alongside you, listen to you and encourage you to find that person inside. 

We believe that, in both career and relationship, pairing your values/beliefs with your goals is the most immediate way to find your best self. 

We are both extremely passionate about you - about you overcoming limiting beliefs and identifying who you truly are inside. To do this, we use a tool called the enneagram. 

The Enneagram is ancient tool that is rooted in psychology, and simply means measuring nine. The belief system is that we are all one of nine personalities. Once we identify our number, we are better enabled to understand our true uniqueness, motivations and most basic desires. 

Launching EnneaSisters began with a simple conversation. At the time, Kelly had the experience and education of Enneagram Coach. Jenny had the experience and education of Life, Nutrition and Fitness Coach. They talked about how they could use the Enneagram to really help people that are struggling, especially in relationship - with the rise of divorce growing each year.  After just a few short weeks of discussing the possiblity - we decided to go with our gut and launch it. Within 24 hours, someone had booked a team training and EnneaSisters became a business.

We have since led multiple leadership trainings, Ennea Events and multiple individual coaching sessions. It's so fulfilling to help someone see a different possiblity - a refresh on life. 

Enneasisters is all about you. It's a place to discover yourself and develop your relationships. It's a place to develop your team and transform your company. It's a place to finally just be you...and that's the best part. 


Certified Enneagram Coach

She calls Coeur d'Alene, Idaho home with here husband and three boys. She is passionate about coaching individuals to successful relationships. She has experience in coaching individuals and designed and created the EnneaSisters personality packets. 

She is an Enneagram Type 6, a true loyalist, who is honest about who she is, where she is and where she wants to go. Her coaching style is honest and orderly. She helps you get to where you are going even if you don't know where that is. She includes anything and everything even thought to be worthwhile so that your expecations are fully met within all of our product offerings. 


Certified Life Coach & Enneagram Coach

Certified Nutritionist & Fitness Trainer


Leadership & Wellness Retreat Trainer

She moved to Northern Idaho from Portland, OR 5 years ago, with her husband and two kiddos. She opened a Barre fitness studio, which is now exclusively online. She is passionate about empowering people. She has led multiple leadership and wellness retreats, with EnneaSisters training at the center.

She is an enneagram 1, a true reformer. She likes to do things right the first time, so she spares no time or expense to give you the best experience and understanding when it comes to meeting goals. A perfectionist, by nature, she leaves nothing out. Whether you attend an event or book a private session, she puts her all into helping you find your best self. 

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