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what to expect?

Learn about your personality/Enneagram type.

Begin to understand people in your inner circle.

Gain tools to help you renew relationships (specifically marriage).

Celebrate community of sisterhood!

These coaching sessions are held weekly, at 6pm


Every meetup we will discuss various topics, which include:

Boundaries, anxiety, perfectionsim, over-helping, loneliness and more. 

Many sessions will include an activity centered around "pouring into each other". 

This space is safe and meant to be a way to be heard and belong.


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Group Coaching
EnneaSisters Sisterhood.jpg




Union Coffee


Cd'A, Idaho

Join us in person or online.


Save $60 & join
the Sisterhood Group Membership
Includes 12 meetups 

Want to learn your Enneagram Type?

Listen to our podcast!

Details below...

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