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Enneagram F.A.Q.

What is the enneagram?

The enneagram is simply a tool, dating back hundreds of years, that helps us understand our personality better. Ennea (meaning 9) and gram (figure). This is why you will see the 9 pointed star, representing the enneagram

What makes it different from other personality tests like Myers-Briggs?

All personality tests are great and have their purpose. What we like about the enneagram is the way in which it allows every individual to grow out of their self, or in other words, "step out of the box" that one was born into. 

The enneagram has a way of allowing self to find strength points and weak points within one's own person and demonstrates the ability to grow from these areas. 

What does EnneaSisters do differently than other Enneagram coaches?

At EnneaSisters, we focus on listening. Through both or individual and group coaching, we help you discover your true self. 

On top of which, we provide tools that our clients can use to continue development - following motivations, overcoming fears and deepening core relationships. 

Although we provide a basic quiz, they are only 54% accurate. It is the coaching that helps us discover who we are. 

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