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Spring Retreat

A space to find purpose.
Deeper connection to your inner circle.
A discovery of true self.

A 3-day getaway at a luxurious hand-picked location.

(Detailed itinerary when you book the room).

Prepare to rest, reset your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

All food and beverages are included.

What to look forward to:

* One-one coaching with an Enneasister prior to the retreat - discover your number before you go and private Q&A time.

* Enneagram Training - group sessions, along with breakout moments, where we will go over stance, motivations, fears, Triads, Wings, stress, lows, highs, relating with others and so much more. (Learn to understand your true self and relate better to others).

* Guided yoga practice - Direct healing through inward practice, restoring the soul, de-stressing the mind.

We will learn to lean into a self-healing practice that brings calm and restoration to the body.

Master Yoga Instructor: Misty Lake

* Meditation Moments - Led by our meditation practitioner, a practice allowing awareness of your body, connecting points of mind, body and soul.

Meditation practitioner: Misty Lake

* Healing Ayurvedic Food - all bids prepared, including snacks and beverages, that are designed to deeper connect our minds to the practice of eating.

Each meal prepared uses Ayurvedic principles, allowing for grounding, re-balance and finding a new sense of self connected to our body type.

All meals are provided: two dinners, two breakfasts, one lunch, arrival & late night snacks & beverages
Master Chef: TBD

* Awe Walk/Forest Bath - a physical experience connecting body to nature, allowing for a deeper appreciation of simple things, clearing the clutter and finding one's self. This is a great space for self discovery.

* Journaling - creating space to open your mind to healing, opening up the heart to kindness and come away with a new understanding of how to de-stress, be vulnerable and gain tools for loving yourself in a new way.

This weekend will awaken you, create bonding moments with like-minded women and provide you with tools to take home a new discovery of yourself.

Also included:
The EnneaSisters Self-care Guide & Journal

a journal
shoes for hiking
heart, mind and body ready to discover true self
yoga mat
water bottle

(Price is per guest)

We can't wait to join you on this journey to find your true self!

Apr 21, 2023

A 3-Night Rejuvenation Retreat.
April 21-23.
Sagle, Idaho. A space to find purpose & deeply connect with your inner circle.

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