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3 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season for a Retreat

We are lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest, where we experience all four amazing Seasons every year. I love the rhythm and change that comes with each, but by far, my favorite is Autumn. It's not just the beauty of the deciduous trees changing color, or the perfect temperature outside, the whole pace of life begins to shift. Today I want to talk about three reasons why this lovely Season is the best time of year to take a retreat, especially here in the Northwest!


Our bodies naturally have seasonal rhythms. Historically, humans relied on the Seasons for everything; it was life or death. We needed to know these patterns for planting, harvesting, and storing food. It would determine what we would eat, when we would participate in certain practices. We relied on the sun and the Seasons as a way of life. The Seasons changing has lost its deep respect, and our reliance in modern cultures. Though there are still many cultures around the world that follow the cycles of Seasonal living.

So what do Seasons have to do with us now?

Sure, you can probably get whatever you need out of Season from a nearby store. But being in tune with nature, the Season, and how all of that affects your body will have huge impacts on you. Depending on where you live, your Seasons will vary, but it all relates to your rhythms. Seasons impact both feelings/emotions, and how your physical body feels.

Take notice.

How are you feeling?

Does a certain Season affect you more than others?

Try to eat things that are in Season. Your body was made for this. It will digest, and function best for you when you are eating what naturally ripens in your Season.

Get outside, and get in touch with nature. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Breathe the air. Listen to the birds and wildlife that live around you. This is all part of your world, your Season.

Autumn is the time of abundance. The laboring is over, the days are slowing down and getting shorter. The cooler weather is bringing us inward, towards each other. We gather, share, and see each other.

So what does this have to do with going on a retreat?

With the changing of the Season, we are more prepared to open up our hearts and begin the real work. The inner work that makes life worth living, is waiting for us to grab hold of it.

A retreat is the perfect place to begin this work. As our bodies move inward out of the chill, our minds move in to the places that need dusted off, and our hearts re-open to new opportunities. The leaves outside are turning, changing from green to vibrant crimson, this is our reminder that change is beautiful... and this is the time to embrace it.


Let's think about the word retreat for a moment. It fits very well with the Autumn Season. The hot and busy work of Summer is gone, and the cool, break is here. Retreat means withdrawing from what is difficult, receding to a haven of rest. Do you see the perfect puzzle pieces coming together here? You've worked hard for months... or maybe you've skipped your Season of rest for years. I am telling you, it's time. Take a break this Autumn. Allow the Season to do what it is meant to do. Your body, mind, and spirit need a clean slate. A new beginning is available to you, a rest from the work, the labor, the worrying about the future.

Get cozy.

Breathe in the fresh crisp air.

Grab your favorite warm drink.

Embrace the peace that Autumn allows.

An Autumn retreat is ideal because it's the Season of change, letting go, and embracing what is.

3. Relinquish

Do you need to set some things down? What you've been carrying is probably getting heavy. Autumn is a time to set some things aside, to stop doing, and to surrender.

Why is this posture ideal for a wellness retreat?

In order to grab a new tool, your hands can't be full. You need to put some things down in order to grow. Let go of what ever is holding you back. At a wellness retreat, the goal is not just to have a rest, though that can be powerful. The point and purpose of a wellness retreat, is for your whole body to benefit. This means your mind, body and spirit need to be activated together. They work in beautiful harmony, but only when you give them the chance.

Part of relinquishing, is embracing your lack of control. If you really cut to the heart of it, there is little you have true control over. Most of what we think we have control over is an illusion. We tell ourselves we have a plan, we know what to expect, how to handle the situation, but most of those details are not up to us. Finding what we do have control of, empowers us and puts us back into balance.

This balance is one of the main goals of a wellness retreat! When we are living in balance everything improves: our relationships, our interactions with everyone, and how we feel about ourselves.

Autumn is here!

We want you to experience the balance, harmony, and joy that comes from living in rhythm, relinquishing control and baggage, and retreating into the haven of opportunity and power that already exists within you.

Imagine a weekend planned for exactly this purpose. You are welcomed and accepted as you are. You learn about yourself, who you really are- your enneagram type. You find peace in moments of meditation, journaling, quiet walks in beautiful surroundings. Meals are served, and enjoyed with like-minded people, and are nourishing to the body and soul. You wake up in a luxurious boutique hotel room, and practice soothing yoga in the mornings. Everyone is kind, supportive, and working toward the same goal.

We know this retreat is going to be special.

We hope you join us here and take in the benefits of an Autumn Retreat in the Northwest!

Thanks for reading!

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