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3 Tips to Love Enneagram Type 6 Better

Hi there!

We're glad you're here. We all want to improve our relationships, but sometimes we just don't know how. Each enneagram type has specific patterns, behaviors, language, and also ways they need to be loved. By learning and understanding these key components of relationship, you can improve the relationships you are in. Let's talk about enneagram type six today.

Sixes desire security above all else. This means they cling to anything that makes them feel safe. It could be a person in authority, a belief system, money/finances, a relationship, or anything that supplies them with the support and security they need to feel okay.

This type is also the most loyal of all the enneagram types. They take commitment very seriously, and mean it when they make a promise. Sixes are supportive friends, who back you up and root for you. You can count on them, as well as know they will always be prepared and have a plan.

So how can you love the six in your life better?

Here are 3 tips:

Tip #1: Key Them In- to Your Plan and Expectations (no surprises)!

Surrounding security is predictability. Sixes like to know what's up, and they hate surprises. If they don't know the plan, they will begin to question the validity of the situation, which will turn to anxiety and even panic. The world of the unknown is its own worst case scenario for the type six (who gets caught imagining worst case scenarios all day long).

You can provide exactly what they need by spelling out your expectations, and following through with what you say. Consistency with this simple practice will create a foundation of trust and security that the type six longs for more than anything. Which in turn, shows them the greatest kind of love.

Tip #2: Meet Them in Commitment

Sixes will naturally approach a serious relationship by wanting to be in it for the long haul. Whether this is friendship, or romantic, sixes are committed and expect that you are too.

Show how committed you are by being there for them as much as they are there for you.

Show up for them in supportive and encouraging ways.

Root for them.

Plan with them.

Include them in the details.

Let them know they are important to you by valuing their time.

Tip #3: Don't Minimize Their Fears

You might not realize how much fear sixes are walking around with. Everyday they experience anxieties on multiple levels. All they need from you, is assurance that things will be okay. Listen to their insecurities, allow them to verbally process their fears, and don't belittle them. They already feel bad enough about carrying this fear around with them.

Make them feel safe by providing time and space to talk.

Limit distractions.

Use active listening (mirroring what you hear them saying).

Use positive, encouraging language.

Use the words, "We are okay." (this reassuring language is soothing and acts like a diffuser for all the underlying pent up anxiety the six is feeling).

We truly hope these tips help you show love to the sixes in your life (you probably have many-since six is the most common enneagram type)! Begin practicing one tip at a time and see how impactful they can be. Small changes cause ripple effects... and soon your thoughtfulness is changing your inner circle- your community- our world!

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