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5 Top Benefits of a Friend Getaway

Is there really a time when a getaway doesn't sound good? Some of us long for the sort of getaway that is just for us, a little "me" time, but today I want to talk about the 5 top benefits of taking a friend along on a retreat.

Friendship & Getaways Friendship all on its own us an interesting concept. Unlike the ties that bind familial or romantic relationships, friends have the benefits of just really enjoying each other’s company. There is no obligation, and few expectations other than to love this person you have chosen to love. Aristotle believed there were 3 types of friendship: one of utility, one of pleasure, and one of appreciation of virtues in the other. The deepest and best kind of friendship comes out if the last type - when both people appreciate the values and virtues of the other. These are the people you build long lasting relationships with. They’ve seen you at your most vulnerable, and they've seen you recover. They are the ones who understand you best and love you no matter what. And these friends are the ones you take on a wellness enneagram retreat! Here’s why: Companionship Companionship is almost like the opposite of loneliness. When you’re with someone like the friend we just described, you feel seen, safe and comfortable. You feel that deep appreciation for who you are. It’s an intimate closeness that makes going to a retreat a heightened experience. It’s almost like you are in it for each other. The companionship is a huge bonus to the retreat, as it has already set the tone for growth opportunities. This friend makes every aspect more enjoyable. Similar Goals A wellness retreat, and especially an enneagram wellness retreat appeals to certain goals. It’s not just a getaway to sunbathe by the beach, these retreats require awareness, openness, intention towards growth and healing. When you embark on a journey like this together, you are saying I believe in your goals and dreams and I am on this path with you. This can be such an encouragement to have a friend join you on a journey that you are really excited about! Being in sync will only strengthen your journey and inner work.

3.Double the Fun! Maybe not everyone feels this way, but there are some of us who have the “more the merrier” mantra! It’s just more fun to go away for the weekend with your bestie! They get you, with all your quirks and nuances. And if they couldn’t make it, you know they’d be the first person you’d want to tell ALL about it! Being together is one of the great joys of life!

4.Shared Experience

An enneagram wellness retreat is like no other getaway or retreat. First of all, every detail is planned and taken care of for you. This allows you to relax into the purpose of the weekend. Sharing this with someone makes it even more meaningful. Together you will discover your true selves. You'll learn even more about the other than you thought possible! You'll enjoy amazing food together, a beautiful environment, and luxurious rooms. But beyond the meaningful time you'll spend at the retreat, it will be a shared experience adding depth to your friendship that you take with you forever.

5.Accountability When you go away for an intense weekend of inner growth and enneagram workshops, it can be easy to lose momentum after a few weeks. In the beginning you are thrilled about everything you learned at the retreat, but if no one was there to experience it with you, you might lose steam and slack on all the important tools you were given to work on yourself. A friend can keep you accountable. This might be my favorite reason for taking a friend on a retreat like this. They’re going to understand the importance of continuing the work, and will be a source of encouragement for you and vice versa. There’s nothing worse than coming back from an inspiring weekend, and no one knows what you are talking about. They look at you like you are speaking a foreign language… uhg, I guess you had to be there. So what I’m saying is, bring a friend. You won’t regret it. Look at all these amazing reasons why taking a friend with you on your retreat will only enhance it!

Now that you know the top 5 reasons for taking a friend on a retreat, its time to take advantage of all these benefits!

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