Enneagram. It's a weird name. I agree. It comes from the root words - Nine and Types. So what is it? It is a tool stemming from psychological science to help us understand our personalities. So, like the root words explain - it is a way for us to better understand ourselves and those around us in relation to 9 personality types.

What are the types? This is what we will be diving into , as you follow us. But, don't get me wrong - we aren't just going to talk about the types. We are going to have fun with them! We only have one life - let's make it a great one. Let's learn about why we do what we do and laugh at ourselves. Let's play with life and see who we would be if we were a glass of wine or a cup of coffee....and so much more.

And...there's more to get excited about! Let's understand our spouses, children, friends and co-workers and appreciate them more. I guarantee that this will be the beginning of a whole new journey into your best life.

Let's start now - Look at the picture above. Which cup of coffee are you and why? Comment below.

If you're ready to begin this journey - take our quiz. What number are you?

Stay tuned...in the next few blogs Kelly White and myself will be introducing ourselves and why we believe in this thing called the Enneagram.

Thanks for reading!


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