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How to Connect your Heart, Body, and Mind

I'm sure you are familiar with the over-used phrase, "listen to your heart." It's meant to imply that listening to the inner voice of your feelings and emotions is the "way to go." Did it ever strike you that a few things are missing from this idea? Feelings aren't the only things that speak to us, that we need to listen to. Our minds and bodies have things to tell us as well. It is when all three align that we experience our best selves.

So how do we connect these three parts of ourselves intentionally so that we can experience wholeness?

1.Identify what you are most in-tune with right now.

If you are familiar with the enneagram, you might already know that this typology system is split up into 3 different intelligence centers: the heart, the mind, and the body. Knowing which one you naturally fall into, can be extremely helpful.

Since I am a type 6 on the enneagram, I know that I am strongest in the mind intelligence center. I naturally listen to my thoughts, check in with how things sit logically, as well as relying too heavily on thoughts, which back-fires and turns to over-thinking.

We can easily become unbalanced when we are not using all three centers of intelligence. Though it is natural to be strongest in one center, growth only happens when we stretch beyond, and reach for what may be difficult.

Starting where you are is always the best place to begin. Take notice of what part of you "gets the most air-time." What are you listening to? Is it emotions and feelings that drive you? Does your body speak loudest, reminding you to take action, or to slow down? Or is it your mind that replays thoughts, and wants the attention?

Figure out what you are tuning into. Watch yourself. This kind of self-awareness may open up many things about your own identity, and is the gateway to growth and balance.

2. Dig Deeper With Your Enneagram Type.

The enneagram is our favorite tool for discovering your true self and finding balance in your life. Knowing your type means you will understand where you are lacking, and how you can grow. The three intelligence centers are a key part of understanding your type. Whether you are a body type (types 8,9, & 1), and heart type (types 2,3, &4), or a head type (types 5,6, & 7), you can work toward growing in your non-dominant centers.

This is the key to identifying what needs done, and what we already do in excess. Like I mentioned earlier, as a head type, I already have the mind covered. Going deeper within my mind only throws me more off balance. I need to access the other two centers to feel the benefits of wholeness.

Don't know your type? take our free quiz here:

3. Practice All Three Centers

Now it's time for the real work. You've identified your dominant center, you've gone deeper in study of the enneagram and your specific type with all of your strengths and weaknesses, now it's time to challenge yourself.

The best way to engage all three centers is by doing something that connects them all. What combines thought, feelings, and body/action for you?

This might fall differently for everyone, but I bet you can think of an example.

For me personally, playing the piano while singing a meaningful song connects all three centers. The action of playing engages my body, the words engage my mind, and the emotions behind both words and accompaniment trigger my feelings to connect.

For some, this same connection happens with a yoga practice. The mind, body, and emotions can easily be connected through words that are said, movements, and emotions rising up.

Another great practice to try is journaling. The act of writing, connects to the words from your mind, and allows emotions to pour out.

The work for you, is to find what engages all three centers in a way that allows you to go deeper, connect better, and feel fuller. You deserve to feel whole, balanced, and connected.

I encourage you to play around with some ideas of your own, or the examples we've given. Try something new and see how it feels. Listen to your body. Listen to your mind. And listen to your heart. They are all equally important and have a role to play in your overall well being.

One of the best ways to experience connecting your mind, heart, and body is at one of our intimate enneagram retreats. We do yoga in the mornings, meditations at night, and enneagram teachings throughout the day! Get connected and balanced by checking out our retreat offerings!

May you be blessed and find the peace you are looking for.

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