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How to Love Enneagram Type 1

Updated: Jan 21

Did you know we all have different needs when it comes to how we want to be loved? You may have heard of the popular book, The Five Love Languages... we take it a step further with the nine enneagram types. Each type needs to be loved in a way specific to their type, based on how they receive and perceive love. So, really there are nine love languages. Today, we are talking about enneagram type one, and how best to show love to this type.

Enneagram type ones, highly value truth, honesty, rules, and order. This type wants things to be done the right way, and for the right reasons. They often have high expectations of themselves and others, as well as an idealistic mind.

Tip #1:To Show Type ones love begin...

By showing them you honor their values.

Never lie.

Show how trustworthy and forthright you are.

Show up for them.

Follow through on your promises and commitments.

These acts are the foundations of building a loving relationship with type one.

Tip #2: Affirm the good, hard work they display.

Ones will rarely fish for compliments, but they do like being recognized for the effort that goes into all of their hard work. They really do things well. Nothing is ever "halfway done." This takes meticulous thought, and energy. Ones strive to make all things in their lives good to the fullest extent, and they deserve a "gold star."

Take the time to give a true compliment. They will see right through flattery. See the good work that they have done, and let them know how meaningful it is that they have done it so well. This will light them up on the inside... and out!

Tip #3: Help Type Ones press into their fun side!!!

When ones are moving towards growth, they take on some aspects of type seven, "the entertainer." This space is laid back, relaxed, and all about having fun! Though is sounds like the opposite from ones rule-following, plan ahead, all the ducks are in a row- nature, ones experience true rest and growth here.

Sometimes they need a little reminder that they can let go and lean into the fun.

Ways you can do this for the type one in your life:

Plan a "no responsibilities day" Let the one in your life off the hook, allow them to get away from the normal day to day tasks that they handle all too well, and step into a world on curiosities and wonder. (think transforming Mary Poppins into Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan)!

Encourage Playfulness- games, a beach day, out for fun just because

Getting ice cream

Breaking the "rules" whatever that may be

Making jokes

A true getaway is the best for type one. They need to get out of their own space and their own way to really relax. Let them read a book by a waterfront, or stay in a cabin somewhere surrounded by beauty. There are endless possibilities that will truly feed the soul of type one here.

Ones need to get away and leave responsibilities behind!

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