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How to Love Enneagram Type 2

We are all so incredibly unique, and deserve to be loved in our very own ways. The enneagram is a tool that can actually help us love each other better! Let's use this powerful tool to dive into the world of enneagram type two, today.

What do type twos need from their loved ones?

What words, or actions communicate love to this type?

Twos are known as the helpers. They are very friendly and eager to pitch in wherever they see their help may be needed. This type is kind, compassionate, and eager to follow the rules. They want to be appreciated, accepted, and loved for who they are. These are the people who get everyone coffee, make everyone breakfast, but forget to eat themselves. They love to be there for their friends through hard times, but rarely share that they are going through a hard time themselves.

So what can we do to show love to these generous type twos?

Tip #1: Let them help you

No really.

Helping is their jam, and it brings so much and joy and meaning to their lives. However,It has to be genuine. Don't just give them stuff to do (though they'll do that for you too... but we are not about taking advantage of people's enneagram types).

If you truly need help with something, call your type 2 friend. It will fill their heart with pleasure to be able to serve you. We know that for all types of people, serving others creates a special kind of inner peace as well as a bond to the person you serve. This is only magnified with the type two.

Which brings us to our next tip...

Tip #2: Appreciation

Type twos rely on appreciation more than any other type. They crave it, drink it up and want nothing more than you telling them how much you appreciate them for all they do. And remember, they do A LOT for you. Specifically spelling it out in words is key for type twos. You could even hand write some "love notes" telling them how grateful you are for having them in your life and what meaning they bring.

Notice the little things and tell them how much you value it. They are a very thoughtful type, and this kind of recognition goes a long way. They took out the garbage... "Thank you so much for taking out the garbage, it really makes things flow more smoothly having that done. I appreciate your attention to detail." They have all the laundry done, and your favorite meal made... "I am so grateful that you took the time to do our laundry and make a delicious dinner..."

You get the idea. True compliments speak to the heart of a two. They need to hear the affirmation of the relationship through your gratitude of their thoughtfulness.

Tip #3: Show them you love them despite what they do

Am I contradicting myself? Not quite. We all need unconditional love, and twos need to know its not just about the acts of service they provide for you. Yes, they are helpful and considerate, but there is more to them than what they can do. Separating this out can be a challenge, but a necessary and worthwhile one if you have a two in your life.

Twos need to understand that you love them no matter what... even if they don't take out the garbage, do the laundry, and make dinner. You simply love them.

So how can you show them this kind of love?

Be there for them.

Serve them, for a change.

Listen to them.

Sit with them while they cry.

Make them dinner.

Lower your expectations.

Show them support by just being with them.

Twos need to receive the message: you are enough exactly as you are.

We hope these tips bring you closer to the two you love!

Thanks for reading!

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