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How to Love Enneagram Type 7 Best

Updated: Mar 4

How wonderful would it be if the person you loved, loved you in all the ways that make you feel seen, heard, and received as you are. This is our goal as enneagram coaches, to help you see the potential in your own life and the lives of those around you. the tools are here for you to use, to improve the way you interact with the most important people in your life. this week we are giving you 3 tips on how to love enneagram type seven best!

I have the privilege of loving many type sevens in my life. They are some of my favorite people, not just because they have a magnetic energy about them, but their layers of depth and understanding is really beautiful to me. This type is usually optimistic, easy-going, and adventurous. They like to get the most out of every opportunity, and experience deep satisfaction through all five senses, as well as the depths of their minds.

Sevens primarily take in the world through their thinking intelligence center: logic, reasoning, etc. However, they respond to the world through their bodily impulses, or intuition. They are assertive by nature, and go after what they want. The center neglected most by this type is the heart center of intelligence (or feelings center). Sevens are out of touch with their emotions and find it challenging to understand how they feel about things. they rely heavily on instinct and their reasoning skills instead.

How Can We Love Sevens Best?

Tip #1: Listen to Their Grandiose Dreams

Sevens have the biggest imagination of all the enneagram types, and love to dream big dreams. They are also great storytellers. Showing them love can be as simple as listening to their wonderfully detailed stories about possible adventures and things they wish to do. Though all of their dreams might not be possible, listening to what they have to say is the first step to trust, which develops love. Sevens love to share ideas, and big picture thoughts of how they see the world. Supporting this side of them will help make them feel seen, heard, and loved.

Tip#2: Encourage/Support Them When They Express Real Emotions

Since we know that sevens are feelings repressed, it is important to recognize when they do connect to real emotions.On the flip side, it is also important to note: the worst thing you can do for a seven is to shame them for their emotions. This will only cause them to become even more feelings repressed without the safety of open expression.

Tell them you appreciate them sharing their feelings.

Also remember to keep "emotional discussions" short if possible (this wears them out).

Keep positivity as a focus during times of emotional discussions.

Tip#3: Companionship & Laughter

The only thing better than doing something fun... is doing something fun with someone you love! This is the type seven's mindset! They love adventure and trying new things, but they also love companionship and even better... someone who makes them laugh!

Go on their trips and adventures with them!

Support some of their "doable" grand ideas and join them!

Let their jovial personality rub off on you

Laugh with them and make jokes

Watch funny movies together

Plan an outrageous surprise for them

Take them somewhere new that they have never been to

Try an exotic food together

Do something active, like zip-lining

We hope these tips will help you connect and improve your relationships with the sevens in your life!

Thanks for reading!

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