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How to Prepare for a Retreat

Preparation means you get to enjoy the moment you've been looking forward to. But how do you prepare for going on a wellness retreat?

First, consider you goals.

Why are you going?

What are you hoping to get out of your retreat?

Have you ever been on a wellness retreat before?

What kinds of activities will be involved?

Is the food provided?

What else is provided and what do you need to bring for yourself?

What things will help you feel most comfortable at the retreat?

These are all great questions to consider before going on a retreat, or even before you book a retreat for yourself.

The three biggest preparations for any retreat are going to be:

Mindset, Physical Needs, and Spiritual Needs.


Preparing your mind can be a bigger deal for some than others. You want to be able to come to a place of openness, awareness, and ultimately a place you can relax. You mind spends a lot of time worrying, dealing with stress and fear, twisting itself up in knots.

It's time to unravel those knots.

Visualization can work wonders for preparing the mind.

Imagine your mind like a large knotted rope, wound tightly with no gaps- no air can blow through.

Take some deep breaths. Imagine with each breath, the rope loosens, allowing for more space. The more you breathe deeply the less tangled the rope of your mind becomes. In... Out... sigh... Other things are starting to loosen as well. The fear, the anxiety, the stress are falling away, at least for a moment.

Imagine yourself there- at the retreat. How are you feeling? People are there to greet you, welcome you in to a space of kindness and healing. Your mind relaxes further, opening to new experiences , what will be, and what is- right now. You are aware of your surroundings, how you feel, and your mind is flooded with positivity.

Thinking in advance in this positive way, actually tells your brain that this retreat is going to be exactly what you've bee waiting for. While you are leaving room for openness, and growth, you are embraces the feelings of optimism, confidence, and well-being.

You're thinking about what you want to get out of the retreat, and in doing so it is more likely that you will get what you want out of the retreat. No, it's not magic... but your brain is so powerfully connected to everything you do, and it believes whatever you tell it! So tell it good things!

Spiritual Needs

Our minds are so closely related with what we need spiritually, that it is hard to separate the two.

To prepare spiritually you will ask the same questions, but direct them more toward feelings, than thoughts.

Is there something I need to face while I'm at the retreat? Maybe I need to face it before the retreat?

What hurts am I feeling, that will be nourished by going to a retreat?

What sort of healing does my soul need?

Going inward to ask these hard questions will better prepare you for what you might experience at a healing retreat. You might want to start journaling ahead of time, to start getting in the practice of seeing your feelings on paper.

Take a few moments to really think about your hopes and expectations.

Physical Needs

What does my body need while I'm on this retreat?

What will I be doing physically, how will I be moving my body over the course of the weekend?

What things will I need to make me feel most comfortable and at my best?

If you're planning to try yoga for the first time, maybe try a practice video at home to see how your body responds.

Also remember to pack the right attire for every activity, including your own water bottle to make sure you stay hydrated on your retreat.

Other things to bring for your physical needs might include:

Your favorite pajamas- something to feel comfy and loved in

Comfortable shoes for outings

Your favorite pillow (just in case)

A good book

Your journal (and a pretty pen)

Your own snacks (in case you get munchy and want your favorites)

Fuzzy socks! or slippers!

And all of your regular items as well

Overall, you want to have the best experience ever! So take the time to think through it. What are your goals? Do you need to let go of some things that are weighing you down? Or is this something you'll look forward to on the retreat? Is your mind ready, open, and willing to experience something full of rewards?

I hope this post was helpful in getting you to think a little deeper about preparing for a retreat. We encourage you to seek out the best experiences possible and along the way let us help you find your true self!

If you don't have a retreat planned this year, check out our amazing enneagram wellness retreat! We know you'll love it!

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