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Is your Inner-Critic Taking Over?

As an Enneagram Type one, I am constantly arguing with my inner-critic. Whether it's over something little or grandiose, my inner-critic can't let me simply celebrate me!

I have been an entrepreneur most of my adult life. Some of which includes opening a restaurant, becoming a fashion designer and launching my own RTW line, launching a new form of barre workouts and franchising studios, and now - co-creating EnneaSisters. Yes - I'm a type one, continually reaching for ways to better the world and offer a needed service to the community. You can laugh. I know its pretty ridiculous. :)

Now, You can imagine that there have been many obstacles to overcome within these endeavors. Obstacles, which for my type, are coveted challenges whether admitted or not. However, there has also been a numerous amount of victorious moments, which I have a hard time owning. This is my inner-critic. Nothing is ever good enough.

I am reminded of a time when I created a challenge program, that was pretty costly, within the BarreU franchise, and I immediately had people sign up. In my weekly meeting with my life coach, as we navigated through our typical conversation, this was brought up. She abruptly asked me, "Why didn't you start with this? That is such a big win! Congratulate yourself." In that moment, I can recall that although I agreed with her, my inner-critic cried out - I wanted more people to sign up. Crazy, huh? That's my story. And, it is a continual, daily struggle.

Now, I will say, that thankfully those inner-critic moments remain to be few and far between. Why? Because I know understand how to grow to my strengths, to my seven. Although this inner-critic never really goes away, I can rise above and take notice of my wins. For a type one, it is important to acknowledge the wins - little or big. You're amazing! Own it!

For more on this type and all nine enneagram types, listen to our podcast online.

Thank you.


Jenny Wiglesworth

Life & Enneagram Coach


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