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Kim & Kanye - What Happened?

What happened to Hollywood's power couple - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Well...If I had to guess, and I think I do, (since I don't actually know them), I would guess that they are both Enneagram type 3.

These 3 Types seem to have it altogether, even when they do not. When we see them, they are the ones wearing the power outfit, followed by a captive audience, and continually appearing to be the best in everything that they do. Hands-down - Kim and Kanye fall into these descriptions.

Enneagram Type 3's are known for what they can achieve and how they successfully portray themselves. Both Kanye and Kim have also shown us that they know how to do both of these things in strides. They are also ruthless business owners. And apparently everything they touch seems to turn into gold. So, why did this same worthiness and effectiveness not reflect within their relationship?

Motivation is always key. Enneagram 3 Types are motivated by worth. More than anything in the world, worthiness is most desirable. So, in life they need to be desired and everything they do must equate to value or success. And, of course, the antithesis is true - when they begin to feel invaluable chaos consumes them.

So, when we throw two Enneagram 3 Types together, we have two people who crave value and success within themselves. And, more often than not, that spotlight is not meant to be shared.

Although at first, this double attraction makes sense. I mean, who doesn't want to be half of a dynamic and influential power couple. In many ways, two 3 Types dominate. They continually look for ways to improve themselves and the couple dynamic. They desire not only their person, but the relationship to be outstanding, which lead to a continual push to improve.

However, these same traits that attract them also devastate. When they are in stress, comparison and competition easily sets in. Being so driven on success, they may feel the relationship takes too much time away from their career. When feelings of tension do arise, they typically do not want to talk about them and begin to isolate, furthering the problem on both sides.

I don't know the ins and outs of Kim and Kanye and their relationship, but it appears that they may have been Enneagram Type 3 personalities. With this duo, it takes a lot of give and take, as well as recognizing feelings and working through them, to make it work. Who knows if they really tried this, but we do know that they are no longer a couple.

Like any couple pairing, relationships take work. Knowing ourselves and our enneagram number is half the battle. Once we know our number, we begin to understand our strengths, weaknesses and motivations. From here, we can grow into our best selves.

If you have questions on the enneagram or simply need a life coach to listen to your current struggle - contact me.

Here for you -

Jenny Wiglesworth

Life Coach & Enneagram Coach


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