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Mindfulness Wellness Retreat

I think all of us have declared, "I need a retreat," at one time or another. Life gets too busy and starts to feel heavy. It is only natural that we would want to get away. But what makes a mindfulness retreat different from a regular retreat? What are the goals and purposes behind taking a mindfulness wellness retreat in particular, and would it be a good fit for you?

First, lets talk about what mindfulness is...

Did you know you already have it? You might have to learn how to access it (which a retreat will definitely help you with) but right now within you, is the power to be mindful. Mindfulness simply means taking notice of the present moment with intention and awareness. Another way to think about it is, being clear- seeing, hearing, feeling in your body all the sensations of what is currently going on. You are not thinking about the past, or worrying about the future when you are in a state of mindfulness.

Secondly, what about "Wellness?"

Wellness is used as a general term, of course, in the realm of health and being well. When thinking of it in relation to a retreat, wellness could mean a health for the whole body. Especially in combination with mindfulness, a wellness retreat implies that the body, mind, and soul will together receive special attention, and healing.

Unlike mindfulness, wellness may not already exist within you. However, you contain the potential for wellness. In fact to obtain wellness, you must take initiative, decide that you want to improve a certain area, whether that's physical or mental, or spiritual, and go after that goal. A mindfulness wellness retreat is sure to help you achieve this goal, and will get you a head start.

What people say about Mindfulness Wellness Retreats:

You may be wondering why you should go on a mindfulness/wellness retreat. Global Viewpoint recently released an article: The Top 10 Reasons to Go On A Wellness Retreat For Your Next Vacation. (You can read their article using the link).

To sum up what they said:

-You're surrounded by like-minded people

-The retreat has long-lasting benefits

-You can finally unwind and relax

-your relationship with nature and yourself improves

-You sleep better

-The planning is done for you

-You are gaining knowledge from a specialized field

-Improves your diet and lifestyle

-You are encouraged to push and grow

-You gain clarity and perspective

These are amazing benefits of going to a wellness retreat! Even just one or two of those reasons is enough to make it worth attending.

Which reason is your favorite?

Have you gone to a Mindfulness/Wellness Retreat before?

Looking for your next Mindfulness/Wellness Retreat?

Make it an EnneaSisters Enneagram Retreat!

A little bit about what we do differently...

Our retreats definitely include all of the amazing benefits above, as well as the bonus of learning the enneagram. People come to our retreats to learn about themselves in a unique and special way. Our groups are small and intimate, making it the ideal environment for growth and inner work.

The mornings begin with hatha yoga, followed by a healing breakfast. The entire weekend is planned for you, so you can relax and enjoy a stress-free weekend of rejuvenation. Each part of the day is designed to help you grow, whether it's a nature walk, journaling, guided meditation, or one of our enneagram learning sessions.

Our location is also ideal: a historic boutique hotel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This city is known for it's beautiful mountain surroundings and amazing Coeur d'Alene Lake. It is the perfect place to come and get reacquainted with yourself, in a calming and relaxing environment.

We hope to see you at our fall retreat, where we look forward to helping you discover your true self!

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