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Running out of Emotional Energy

Emotions take a large amount of energy. Unlike physical energy that tires our muscles, emotional energy tires the brain. And given our current international pandemic, emotions are running like never before. Anyone's brain feeling a little overworked? Mine, too.

Whether feeling overwhelmed by the emotions and/or voices of others, disheartened due to our perceived view of ineffective parenting tactics or simply depressed as a reaction to loneliness, purposeless and/or anxiety, emotions drive actions these days. And, we all are presently and actively dealing with them.

This past year brought emotions and energy that we didn't even realize were alive and real. They crawled out of the deepest, and for some - darkest, parts of humanity and demonstrated high levels of hate, violence, misunderstanding, separation and so much more. Like a lion on the prowl, these emotions ate anything in their way, and unfortunately haven't died down much.

When emotions take control like this, it depletes the body of energy, leaving it empty and useless. Now, don't get me wrong - some of these emotions can be purposed for great things, and have been in certain situations. However, when "out of control" and without constraint, they end up hurting people both mentally and physically. So, what do we do when we feel like our emotions are at an all-time high and could possibly be "spinning" and empty?

There is no easy answer, but there are definitely solutions.

Understanding that we are not alone in all of this reigns primary. This keeps us from the despair and from spiraling "out of control" within our own minds and bodies. Others are out there and going through very similar feelings.

The second, and probably most helpful, action is to seek counsel. Whether it be a friend, coach or counselor/therapist, help is ever-present and needed. Sometimes our pride stands between our emotions and the emotional release.

Emotions actively take reign over our lives and cripple our energy, but they don't always have to. The control remains to be ours (in most situations). We get to decide how, when and where emotions are released when we are "healthy". So, although emotions seem to be running us on empty, there are ways to get that energy back.

Let's face it - emotions take energy. Most times, I would rather run a marathon than go through some conversations. However, emotions are simply a part of human life. The good news remains that although this year has been tough, we can get through it. We aren't alone and if we are feeling "without" and "helpless", there is help. Don't give up!

(If you need a coaching session - someone who will listen and coach you - contact us. If you need clinical therapy - we can send you somewhere great!)

Emotions are okay. Embrace them and remember that you are in control.

Here for you -

Jenny Wiglesworth

Life Coach & Enneagram Coach


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