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School's in from the Summer

Whether kids are back in school or doing school from home, it's finally 'in session'. It seems like it's been a very long summer and I am thrilled to have the routine and schedules back into place.

Now, of course, being a one I crave that routine, but I'm sure if you are a parent, getting kids back to some kind of schedule has to be rewarding (unless, maybe, you're a seven). We love our seven people.

Even though I love the schedule, I already miss my two littles. I dropped them off at school this morning, and for the first time (in what seems like - forever) I was alone. Alone. Now, I am not one who loves being alone. I don't like the quiet, for the most part. It seems a bit eery. we are, moving into Fall, into inevitable change.

Don't get me wrong - there will definitely be many advantages to this "me time", this change, but today it feels kind of raw. I decided to spend my time pouring into work, which is what I'm doing now. It always helps me to work, because in my case that means pouring into you - our readers. I know that most days I will be productive, even though I know quieting down is actually my healthy path to growth. So, I'll keep that in mind as I traverse this new schedule. For now, however, I am anxious to pick them up, which thankfully will be in about a half hour.

What about you? Are you excited for this new change? Are you homeschooling because you have to, in which case "going back to school' looks extremely different? Or, maybe you chose to homeschool, which would still be a shift from summer. What are your days looking like? Whatever you are doing, if you have kiddos, school is back in session. I'm going to miss those summer days, but here we come fall - ready for schedule and change. YES & YIKES!


If you need some extra guidance or help, especially where parenting or homeschooling is concerned, listen to our last podcasts - episode 2 & 3. We are here for you.


Jenny Wiglesworth

Life Coach & Blogger

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