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Self Care for Enneagram Type 2

If you read last week's blog Self Care and the Enneagram you will know that combining self care with your enneagram number is the best way to approach self care. Each type has very unique needs, and through the enneagram these can be targeted and met. This method takes your self care to the next level, making your time even more well-spent. We know that taking care of yourself allows you to then take care of others- this is the message we want to focus on today for enneagram type twos.

Twos are often the last of the types to practice self care. They find themselves busy taking care of others, and fail to realize that they have needs as well. This self-neglect means they may also be in need of self care the most. So what type of self care is best for an enneagram type two?

Positive Self Affirmation

Twos long for affirmation, appreciation, and love. They usually strive to receive these things from other people through the many ways they serve others. But what if they could get those same things from themselves? It is possible twos... start by recognizing that you have everything you need within yourself. Then begin to notice things about yourself that you love and value, that you've done well at.


Write yourself love notes. Ok, not gushy stuff, but positive things that remind you of who you are. Place these notes on your mirror, or somewhere visible for you to see regularly.

Keep a journal of these positive things about yourself. Record when you've done something you are proud of, or keep track of the positive things in your life that you are grateful for. This positivity will grow and help you develop a practice of self love and affirmation.

Mind Seeking

Type twos happen to be "thinking repressed." This means they have a really hard time doing any productive thinking. Self care directed toward this issue can be very rewarding for twos. So, what are some ways for twos to engage the mind intentionally?

Seek a new hobby to pursue that is purely for enjoyment. This hobby won't be about pleasing others, or serve them in any way. This will be something just for you, because you are interested in this idea.

Another idea- take yourself out on a date. Feel what it feels like to be alone, try foods and places you are interested in. Try a new restaurant and eat something you want to, just because. This will help you get to know yourself without others around to influence your decisions.

We hope you found these ideas helpful! For even more ideas, check out our newly released Enneagram Self Care Kit!

The self care kit is a 40-page packet that includes all of our favorite self care activities, as well as enneagram specific self care tips. Digital download and hard copy are both available!

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