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Self Care for Enneagram Type 3

Self care can be the difference between success and failure. This should get the attention of all enneagram type threes! Enneagram Type threes care a lot about success, and fear failure more than anything. The good news? A little self care can go a long way! We like to say,

"Fill your cup first, and let the overflow fill others."

This is challenging for enneagram type threes who rarely make time for themselves. Since they are driven and task-oriented, threes keep themselves busy and working toward a goal with success in mind. If they have extra time, it is used to more efficiently get a project to the finish line, or work on something new. What we want for threes, is to prove how important adding self care to a schedule can be.

Not only is self care important, but self care for your specific type, makes the most of the time you have to spend on yourself. Every type has different needs, wants, desires, strengths, and weaknesses. This means we all need different kinds of self care to make us feel energized, satisfied, and fulfilled.

So what is the right kind of self-care for enneagram type 3?

1.Slow Down & Check Emotions

Threes are busy go-getters, working efficiently and quickly. They make decisions based on what will "win" the situation, and don't like to slow down for anything. However, slowing down has its place, and needs to become more important in the life of a type 3. When we slow down, we can become more aware of what is happening around us and within us.

Being in-touch with emotions is a foreign concept for threes. They are "feelings repressed," and disregard feelings easily for the effort of getting the job done. Slowing down can help feelings resonate. Threes need to take time to consider what is going on inside them, and inside others.

2. Feelings Journal

A good way to practically work on emotional awareness, is through a feelings journal. Threes can set a time everyday to write down feelings they have personally experienced that day. They can also write down perceived feelings of others. Another strategy, would be to keep a journal throughout the day any time a strong feeling comes up. This way, the awareness becomes more noticeable. The practice of writing feelings down will help threes become more balanced, understanding themselves and others better.

3.Being Unproductive

Almost every decision threes make surrounds the idea of being productive. They are pragmatic and confident. It is extremely challenging to do things that have no goal in mind. However, this can also be liberating. Letting go of the goal, and simply doing something because they love it, enjoy it, and it fulfills them, is so healing and rewarding for threes.

Some "unproductive/ healing" ideas:

-Go to a movie with a friend

-Try a new restaurant

-Take the scenic route

-Go for a walk

-Take a nap

-Read a book (for enjoyment, not for work)

-Spend time with an animal or a child

-explore the arts (theatre, painting, art galleries)

Self care for threes is about letting go of productivity, getting in touch with feelings, and slowing down. These three things can add richness and balance to any type three's life. Practicing these self care ideas will open up things inside, that allow for more compassion, fulfillment, and overall well-being. Choose one idea today, and start filling your cup!

Let us know what self care practice you are engaged in! We would love to hear how self care is impacting your life!

Want even more ideas?

We have an amazing Self Care Guide that leads you through all of our favorite self care activities as well as specific activities for your enneagram type!

Check it out now! (click the button below).

Thank you for reading! It is our hope that the content you find here, truly adds value to your life and helps you along the journey to discover your true self.

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