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Self Care For Enneagram Type 4

http://www.EnneaSisters.comSelf care is most likely not on the top of your list right now. You're thinking of others, which is a beautiful thing. However, it's important to make sure your cup is full enough to pour into others. Feed your spirit, fulfill your mind, rest your body. These things make you even more capable to take care of others in the most meaningful ways.

Today we want to focus on what kind of self care enneagram type 4 needs most.

We are all different and have specific needs. Certain practices energize some, and deplete others. Knowing what works best for you, helps you set the boundaries and make the decisions that will improve our life.

Filling the cup for Fours

  1. Connect to the body

Fours need to connect to their bodies. They are a withdrawn type, which also makes them doing repressed.Often going inward, fours can get stuck in their expansive internal world forgetting the blessings of the outer world. Getting out and connecting with nature in an active way can be just what fours need to feel alive and balanced.

Get started now:

Go for a walk or hike

Look up into the sky and your surroundings

Embrace the beauty

Feel your perspective open up

Feel your chest loosen

For every feeling you name, find out fact of reality as well

2.Explore Creative Outlets

Many fours have natural creative talents, whether that is in music, art, or other ways. Practicing something creative is good for the whole self: body, mind, and heart! We encourage fours to find something that not only feels good to them, but that also serves others.

Get started now:

Playing an instrument, or singing for others

Make a gratitude collage using colorful pictures and mixed media

Paint a mural for a local school or library

donate your skills to a non-profit auction or charity

Teach others some of your skills

3.Taking Care of the Body

It's easy to forget the simple things our bodies need to keep going when we get busy doing other things. Especially during this time of year, we tend to neglect ourselves, forget to eat right and drink enough water. Going back to the basics is a great place to start for type 4.

Get started now:

Drink lots of water throughout your day(use a pretty water bottle to help motivate you)

Incorporate leafy greens into your meals

Smile (this simple act tricks your brain and helps you feel happier- bonus- it has a chain reaction)

Hug your loved ones

Keep your gaze lifted

Want even more tips for self care?

We've got news for you! Our new recently released self care kit includes:

-A guide for all of our favorite self care practices (the very ones we use at our fabulous retreats)!

-Activities and tips for each enneagram type!

-Practice pages

-Encouraging quotes

-Self Care checklists

-And much more

Check it out using the button below:

We truly believe through practicing the self care you need most for your enneagram type, you will feel balanced, fulfilled, and find that the overflow pours onto others.

Thank you for reading!

We hope these tips added value to your journey!

Want to experience a weekend centered around self care and the enneagram? You will love our retreats!

We have openings for our special spring retreat available now!


The Enneasisters!

-Jenny and Kelly

"Helping you discover your true self."

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