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Self Care for Enneagram Type 7

Hey there! We're so glad you found our blog! We are continuing our series on self care for each enneagram type, focusing on type seven this week. Self care is a huge passion of ours, and something we bring to people through our intimate enneagram retreats, as well as through our own self care guide book, and this blog. Practicing self care is meant to be healing, restorative, and life-giving. We want to give you the tools to be able to practice the best self care for your enneagram type in all the ways possible.

Enneagram type seven is in the aggressive stance, making them high-energy, fast moving people. They like to keep moving forward, involve themselves in multiple arenas of fun activity, and they never want to miss out on anything. This lifestyle can easily create a situation of burnout. Sevens try to do to many things, they say "yes," to too many people. The "plate of a type seven fills up fast to over-flowing.

So how can a type seven practice self care?

All enneagram types can take a healthy hint from their "strength" or "health" number on the enneagram. We all experience movement into stress or strength and take on the qualities of the numbers we are connected to on the enneagram. For type seven, they can pull from the restorative qualities of type five to dig deep into self care.

Slowing down

The first step for type sevens, is to slow down and take a breath, literally. They want to move so fast that they sometimes forget the healing nature of "being here now." Sevens can use their connection to fives to take advantage of the ability to withdraw, reflect, and observe. It is hard for seven to resist being a part of the action, but they can learn a lot from stepping away.

Tapping Into Feelings

Sevens might have the hardest time understanding the world of feelings and emotions of all the enneagram types. They have to "think to feel." Sevens have no touch point on the enneagram that connects them to the feelings or heart triad, so they have to try even harder than other types to "tap into feelings."

Since this is so unnatural for sevens, it is important to use a few hacks or tools to get them there.

A great place to start for sevens, is to keep a feelings journal. (check out our lovely journal here).

Every time a strong emotion comes up, take the time to notice it, and write it down. This helps sevens get into the habit of recognizing when feelings are present, and can even help them find the reasons why those feelings are coming up for them.

How does this make me feel?

Contemplating this question isn't something sevens would likely come to on their own, but can be extremely helpful. Take this question with you throughout the day, think about it in conversations, while watching a movie. Write down what feelings come to mind.

Connecting to Nature

Going for a walk or hike is an amazing self care practice for type sevens. The fresh air alone, clears their minds of all their busy thoughts. Seeing green, and living things connects them back to the earth and grounds them. The time alone without distractions, technology, or superficial fun, allows them to remember who they really are inside. Hikes can be healing for the mind, body and spirit, and connects them in a very unique way.

Sevens should plan in a walk or hike as part of their weekly routine, daily if they have the time. It acts as a reset, and helps sevens find what is truly important to them.

Bonus: it may even flush out some of those feelings sevens tend to avoid. (write those down after your hike)!

We hope these self care tips for type sevens has given inspiration and direction for the seven in your life!

Thank you for reading!

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