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Self Care For Enneagram Type 9

Updated: Jan 15

www.EnneaSisters.comSelf care is important for everyone, but we all have different needs when it comes to self care. This is why it is so incredibly helpful to pair self care with the enneagram. When we understand ourselves, we can better take care of ourselves and do the things we need to do to help us feel and act our best.

This week we our finishing up this series on the enneagram and self care, by focusing on enneagram type nine.

What do nines need when it comes to self care?

Enneagram type nines are known as the peacemakers. They want to experience the world in a calm peaceful way, inwardly and outwardly. Conflict is their major issue; they avoid it at all costs. Nines can also be seen as lazy, though this is not the case. They are simply "doing repressed," meaning this is their blind spot. They will tend to engage unproductively, procrastinate, and put things off especially if there is a chance of conflict.

Nines are easy-going and generally get along with everyone. They are well liked by all, and have no trouble making friends. But making decisions on the other hand, it could take all day. Enneagram type nines spend a lot of their time "merging," or agreeing with whomever they are with. They do this so often that their own opinion becomes lost. They may not even know what they like or what they want.

Tip #1: Express Yourself

If sharing opinions is too much to start, begin by keeping a journal. Explore your thoughts, opinions, and feelings in your journal (where it won't cause any conflict). You do have your own opinions apart from others. Begin writing them down, and spending time reflecting on important things that you want in your life. Once this habit is in place, open up to a trusted friend or too about how you really feel. Not expressing yourself can be damaging. It's important that others know what you think. Your presence matters as well as your thoughts and opinions.

Another way to discover your likes and dislikes is to try new things. Take yourself on a date. Go to a new restaurant and try what sounds good to you, without anyone else there to influence you. Use this "date" idea to discover things about yourself all on your own. What places would you like to go to? What things would you like to try?

Tip #2: Make Manageable Goals

Since you are doing repressed, it's hard to tackle tasks that need done, or that may cause conflict. "The only way to eat an elephant is by taking one bite at a time."

Take your big daunting task, and break it into small things- little manageable steps that you feel comfortable making. Put you list up somewhere where you will see it, until all your little steps have been completed. You might want the help of a friend to get you started, if this feels overwhelming. They can offer support as well as encouragement , while keeping you accountable.

Tip #3:Move Your Body

Even though nines are in the "body triad" they are the least in touch with their bodies. Nines need to find time daily to move and connect their body to their mind and heart. Time spent in nature is very powerful for nines. This reinforces everything they love about peace and calm, while also connecting them to the world around them and their own reality within it. A daily walk is the perfect commitment, as well as a hike, or yoga practice. The important thing is to choose something that can be done daily that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Thanks for reading!

We sincerely hope these tips enrich your life!

It is our mission to help you discover your true self. Reach out today and let us walk alongside you through this journey.

Is one of your goals this year to take better care of yourself?

We truly believe that when you spend adequate time in self care, all other areas of your life improve. And it gets even better when using the tool of the enneagram to find the best self care practices!

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