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Self Care & The Enneagram!

Self care is a big part of how we show up in the world, and ties in perfectly with the enneagram (the way our personalities show up in the world). When we pair these together, we can truly get the most out of life. Each enneagram type has it's own core desires, motivations, strengths and weaknesses. Understanding what each of those are will help you meet your own needs.

You might think that self-care is "selfish," but it is just the opposite. Taking care of yourself means you can then take care of others well. You've probably heard the phrase, "You can't pour from an empty cup," we want to take it even further. You'll be able to show up with whole-heartedly if you know how to fill your cup with what you need most.

Your enneagram type will help you determine what type of self care you need most. You will get more out of certain self care practices than others, so it is important to understand what type you are, what needs and patterns you have, and what grounds you, or makes you feel whole.

Today we are kicking off a series all about self care and the enneagram! We will cover all 9 types (One type each week) to give you the tools you need to fill your cup, grow, and then return to doing what you need to do out in the world

Let's get into it!

Enneagram Type 1: The Reformer

Type one's are the rule followers of the world. Not only do they like systems, and order, but they want to improve them and make the world a better place. They are consistent and reliable, however ones can forget to relax and let things go sometimes.

Ones desire above all to be good, in the full aspect of the word: morally, literally, ethically, and in every way.

Conversely, they fear not being good; being wrong or bad.

Self Care Practices to Empower Enneagram Type Ones


Journaling is a wonderful practice for enneagram type one, in part due to type one's thinking repression. The act of journaling gets ones to slow down, and put their thoughts on paper. Ones are used to moving through life within their systems of acting and feeling, then feeling and acting. It is a challenge to access thinking. Journaling is a great tool for this, and when practiced regularly will help type ones access thinking sooner and with more ease.

Focus: While journaling, it would be most helpful for type ones to record things that are positive. Ones typically have an ongoing self critic pointing out all the things that could have gone better, or what is wrong around them.

Ones can combat this by actively and intentionally noticing what has gone right, writing down things that they have done well lately, or positivity of any kind.

Nature (Forest Baths & Awe Walks)

Another best self care practice for type ones, is getting out into nature.

Forest Baths are dedicated walks in an area filled with trees, meant to absorb all the benefits of nature. The focus is simple: your breath, your thoughts, your observations. The trees naturally give essential oxygen and this kind of walk requires a slowness, stillness, and attention to detail. These things bring type one back to their thoughts, and ground them.

Awe walks can be done anywhere, and focus on the beauty around you. In an enormous universe, you are extremely small. Awe walks encourage this idea, to take stock in your "smallness," and find awe in the world around you. Similarly to forest baths, nature is the giving force to ground type one and bring them back to positive thinking, and a slower movement.

Allow for "Fun" or Spontaneity

Most of an enneagram type one's world is lived out in order, and through systems. However, when they allow for fun and spontaneity, ones can experience a true release. This is especially powerful when type one has a trusted friend, or partner who can simply take over the responsibilities, and allow type one to let go.

A "mini vacation," is a great idea for ones to gain perspective, and sense of release. Even a "stay-cation," can have this affect. However, they need to leave their normal space or they will feel the need to be productive or follow their regular patterns. Mixing up the patterns is good for type one to get in touch with their higher side.

More ideas:

  • An afternoon "off" -no responsibilities

  • Eating out at a new restaurant

  • A weekend away with a friend

  • Trying a new activity, like: canoeing, hiking, zip-lining

  • Not planning the weekend

  • A "yes" day

We sincerely hope these tips add value to your life. It can be so empowering to connect with what you need most, and finding that through the enneagram is our favorite way!

Another great way to get a handle on self care and your enneagram type, is through our one of a kind enneagram retreats! Every retreat encourages specific self care, practiced together and separately, as well as enneagram teachings, and much more!

Come back next week, we'll be talking about self care tips for Enneagram Type 2!

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