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About EnneaSisters


Enneasisters is a life coaching place.

We specialize in helping you find purpose, renew relationships & celebrate sisterhood!

 We are passionate about people and desire to walk alongside you, listen to you and encourage you to find that person inside. 

We believe that, in both career and relationship, pairing your values/beliefs with your goals is the most immediate way to find your best self. 

We are  extremely passionate about you - about you overcoming limiting beliefs and identifying who you truly are inside. To do this, we use a tool called the enneagram. 

The Enneagram is ancient tool that is rooted in psychology, and simply means measuring nine.

The belief system is that we are all one of nine personalities.

Once we identify our number, we are better enabled to understand our true uniqueness, motivations and most basic desires. 

Enneasisters is all about you. It's a place to discover yourself and develop your relationships. It's a place to develop your team and transform your company.

It's a place to finally just be you...and that's the best part. 


Certified Life Coach & Enneagram Coach

Certified Nutritionist & Fitness Trainer

Mindfulness Counselor

She moved to Northern Idaho from Portland, OR, 8 years ago, with her husband and two kiddos. She is passionate about empowering people. She has led multiple leadership and wellness retreats, with EnneaSisters training at the center.

She is an enneagram 1, a true reformer. She likes to do things right the first time, so she spares no time or expense to give you the best experience and understanding when it comes to meeting goals. A perfectionist, by nature, she leaves nothing out. Whether you attend an event or book a private session, she puts her all into helping you find your best self. 

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